Features - Jobs


·       Job Scheduling

·       Job Costing

·       Quotation & Estimates / Revision of Quotes

·       Sign – Off

·       Job Status Tracking

·       Invoicing – Initial / Advanced / Part / Whole

·       Recording of Actual Expenditure

·       Final Invoicing

·       Recording of Payments

·       Transactions in any currency

·       Financial Analysis Using Nominal Codes (configurable)

·       Export To Excel & Other Spreadsheets

·       Export To Finance Package

·       Read Only Audit Trail

·       Create job templates

·       Clone / Copy existing jobs to new one


From Options and Quotations through to the payment of the final invoice, CiMS provides integrated seamless and easy processing. Jobs can be quoted and transacted in any currency. Figures can be analysed using nominal account codes (to correspond with your accounting software) and can be exported to spreadsheets and / or to your finance package.